Knowledgeable Civil Litigation Lawyers

Civil Litigation is a legal term that covers a wide range of legal issues.  It ranges from areas involving contract disputes, business and employment law, personal injury, creditor/debtor issues, housing disputes/complaints, and many other areas.  At Hawkins Anderson Law Firm, P.A. we have experience successfully representing a large number of clients in these areas.

We understand that not every civil case is best resolved through the courts because of the financial and emotional toll this may have on our clients.  When this is the case, we have successfully negotiated favorable out-of-court settlements for our clients.  However, when our client’s cases call for aggressive representation in the courtroom, we will not hesitate to move forward and meet our clients’ needs.

To determine which of the above mentioned approaches is in our client’s best interests, we take the time to talk to our clients and find out what their goals are.  Once this is determined, we work with our clients to meet their goals.  Our goal at Hawkins Anderson Law Firm is to guide our clients through their difficult legal issues by providing them not only with a source for knowledgeable and aggressive legal representation, but also a source that clients can trust to give them the information they need to make the best decisions.  Should you have questions or wish to speak to an attorney regarding your legal issue, please call 612-824-5005.

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